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Discover the elegance of "The Study," a refined and sophisticated collection curated to elevate your event with understated charm. Ideal for upscale gatherings, this collection features two luxurious French Faux Leather Chairs, a trio of vintage suitcases stacked as a unique side table, a pair of brass candlesticks, vintage books, and our Iris Rug tying it all together. Create a timeless ambiance with Fable Rentals' The Study collection, perfect for those seeking a highbrow experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Explore our website to view the exquisite pieces in this exceptional collection and embark on a journey towards an unforgettable event.



  • Iris Rug ($100 value)
  • Stack of 3 Vintage Suitcases ($85 value)
  • French Faux Leather Chairs ($100 for 2)
  • Assorted Brass Candlestick Holders ($10 for 2)
  • Assorted Vintage Books ($5 value for 5)
  • Vintage Wooden Library Catalog Box ($5 value)

The Study Collection

SKU: thestudy01
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