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Relax and vibe along with our fabulous new collection, The Grand Boho – a captivating curation of vintage antiques, inspired by the rich and vibrant Bohemian culture.  Unleash your free spirit with this eclectic ensemble that combines retro charm with a modern twist, perfect for creating a truly unique event ambiance. Every piece in The Grand Boho Collection has been carefully handpicked for its authenticity, character, and eye-catching allure. From exquisite furniture to enchanting décor, each item embodies the free-spirited essence of the boho-chic style. Rental fee for all items is $760.00 in total.



  • Vintage Mustard Sofa ($250 value)

  • Peacock Chair ($150 value)

  • 5ft Round Jute Rug ($100 value)

  • Vintage Spool Coffee Table ($40 value)

  • Round Gold Drink Tray with Mirror Bottom ($30 value)

  • Folding Room Divider ($50 value)

  • Bohemian Floral Velvet Pillows - 2 pack ($20 value)

  • Round Velvet Dark Orange Pillow ($15 value)

  • Mustard Yellow Sette ($100 value)

  • Assorted Vintage Books  ($1 value each)

The Grand Boho Collection

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