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Step back in time with our "That 70's Boho" collection, a vibrant curation inspired by retro style and culture. Channeling the Bohemian spirit of bell-bottom jeans, flowers in your hair, and a record spinning on the turntable, this collection exudes free-spirited charm. It features our funky Vintage Mustard Sofa, wicker Peacock Chair, 5ft Round Jute Rug, Vintage Spool Coffee Table, and various décor pieces to evoke the nostalgic vibes of the 70s. Explore our website to view the groovy elements of That 70's Boho collection and let Fable Rentals transform your event into a retro escape, where individuality and creativity take center stage.



  • Vintage Mustard Sofa ($250 value)
  • Peacock Chair ($150 value)
  • 5ft Round Jute Rug ($100 value)
  • Vintage Spool Coffee Table ($40 value)
  • Round Gold Drink Tray with Mirror Bottom ($30)
  • Vintage Books ($5 for 5)
  • Room Divider ($50 value)
  • Bohemian Floral Velvet Pillows ($20 for 2)
  • Round Velvet Dark Orange Pillow ($15 value)


70’s Boho Theme Collection

SKU: 70bohotheme01
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