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La Vie en Rose

Discover the enchanting charm of our "La Vie en Rose" collection, designed to celebrate life through rose-colored glasses. This captivating ensemble showcases the color pink and Victorian culture, featuring our grand Vintage Pink Victorian Sette, a pair of Vintage French Provincial Chairs, our Large Blush Fabric Ottoman, various vintage décor pieces, and our Juliet Rug. Perfect for creating an elegant parlor room, lounge, waiting area, or bridal suite, the La Vie en Rose collection transports your guests to a world of romance and whimsy. Explore our website to view the exquisite pieces in this delightful collection and let Fable Rentals bring a touch of Victorian elegance to your dream event. Rental fee for all items is $785.00 in total.

Here is what is included:

  • Vintage Pink Victorian Sette ($250 value)

  • Vintage French Provincial Suede Chairs ($150 for 2)

  • Juliet Rug ($125 value)

  • Large Blush Fabric Ottoman ($50 value)

  • Round Gold Drink Tray with Mirror Bottom ($30 value)

  • Assorted Brass Candlestick Holders ($10 for 2)

  • Stack of 3 Vintage Suitcases ($85 value)

  • Blush Pleated Round Pillow ($15 value)

  • Blush Satin Pillows ($20 for 2)

  • Room Divider ($50 value)


For additional package add-ons and availability, please visit the "contact" area of this website!

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