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Garden Picnic

Step into an enchanted outdoor setting with our 'Garden Picnic' collection. This experience sets the stage with lush rugs strewn across a verdant meadow, a whimsical tabletop perched on rustic crates, and plush pillows inviting guests to lounge in style. Picture yourself sipping on sparkling beverages, donned in your best sundress or linen shirt, surrounded by friends and laughter. For $1300.00, our Garden Picnic collection seats eight and brings together the magic of nature and vintage elegance, creating unforgettable memories with Fable Rentals.

*Floral arrangements by BUDS in Marshfield*

Personalized collaborations between Fable + BUDS available upon request

Here is what is included:

  • Wooden Tabletop ($50 value)

  • Hood Milk Crate and Whiting Milk Crate ($80 for 4, these are the base of the table)

  • Fringe Umbrella ($150 value)

  • Assorted Brass Candlestick Holders ($25 for 5)

  • Iris Rug ($100 value)

  • Juliet Rug ($125 value)

  • Peacock Chair ($150 value)

  • Large Vintage Brass Bucket ($40 value)

  • Large Rose Floor Pillow ($200 for 8)

  • Blush Satin Pillow ($20 for 2)

  • Blush Tassel Pillow ($30 for 2)

  • Round Blush Throw Pillow ($15 value)

  • Blush Decorative Pillow ($20 for 2)

  • Round Velvet Cream Throw Pillow ($15 value)

  • Vintage Musical Organ ($100 value)

  • Gold Metal Mirror ($30 value)

  • Oval Gold Mirror Drink Tray ($30 value)

  • Brass Open Oval Container ($25 value)

  • Bamboo Leaf-shaped Hand Fans ($40 for 8)

  • Picnic Basket ($30 value)

  • Assorted Tall Vintage Glass Bottles ($25 for 5)

For additional package add-ons and availability, please visit the "contact" area of this website!

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